15 Feb

Colon Cleanse: Are You Facing Troubles Despite Administering Colon Cleanse Therapy?

If you are witnessing the symptoms of dehydration, diarrhea, colon cancer despite performing colon cleanse process on continuous basis, you should think about it seriously and see a doctor immediately for an extensive diagnosis. Listed below are two major reasons which can actually help you understand why you experience symptoms of any disease as fatal as cancer in spite of following the colon cleanse process diligently:

A)Overdose Of Junk Food Simultaneously

You must be wondering as to how consumption of junk food in huge quantity on continuous basis can be a cause of colon cancer. If you really want to remain fit and free from colon cancer all your life, here are few pieces of information to help you.

When you imbalance your diet by having more of junk food and less of healthy food while conducting colon cleanse therapy, you tend to develop some disorders inside your body which are difficult to understand and bear. Owing to the overdose of inappropriate and unhealthy diet, you may feel constipated most of the times. Continuously reported constipation may cause your colon to get obsolete and susceptible to cancer.

B)Laxatives: The Most Contraindicated Means Of Carrying Out Colon Cleanse

Laxatives are the drugs that help you feel relieved of constipation for a short period of time by cleansing lower intestinal limb of its toxins. These drugs irritate your lower colon or bulk the stools to promote the bowel movements. If you have laxatives, you may get prone to dehydration and/or lose your muscles around colon lining.

C)Colon Cleansers Help

Natural colon cleansers are supposed to be the most efficient means of ensuring that you maintain your calm and cool persona at all times. When the time is appropriate to cleanse you colon in an appropriate manner, the fact remains that you would be able to take great care of your body at all times. It needs to be noticed that an efficient colon cleansing is considered appropriate when the need of the hour is to ensure that you maintain your personal health and hygiene at all times. Colon cleansing is also considered useful when you have no other option but to maintain your inner health by making use of a natural herbal ingredient which is both safe as well as efficient.

d) It Removes Toxins

Do you know that the harmful toxins in a human body are directly responsible for dissuading your body to retain its original form? There have been numerous instances wherein people from all walks of life have tried to use spurious colon cleansing agents without any use. Owing to this, it has been noticed that individuals from all walks of life need to begin with their lives in a healthy manner and flush harmful toxins from within the colon tracts. Impacted fecal matter and colonic diseases are supposed to be the single most important reason behind the indulgence of chronic abdominal ailments.

e) It Cures Colon Cancer

Colon cancer is often looked on as an essential means of ruining a healthy body. The need of the hour is to make sure that you cleanse your body the natural way and make sure that you remain that way for long. It has been noticed that colonic cleansing has the effect of cleansing your impacted digestive tract and disinfecting it in turn. This in turn leads to a situation wherein an individual is blessed with a healthy colon and he also has the ability to develop and maintain a healthy body.

Above, you have seen the reasons which lead you to face problems in spite of adhering to a rigorous schedule of Colon Cleanse process daily. So, put a screw on junk food and laxatives, and have a healthy diet comprising of fruits and vegetables in huge quantity to gain the most out of Colon Cleanse therapy.

14 Feb

How Eight Ingredients in the Soup Can Make You Feel and Look Fabulous

It is getting colder outside, and it means it is time to incorporate more soups in our cooking routine. Here are eight reasons / ingredients for making a simple squash soup to feel and look fabulous.


2 – 3 pounds butternut or acorn squash
2 tbs olive oil
medium onion chopped
2 carrots
2 cups vegetable stock
salt and pepper.
sour cream
2 tbs fresh cilantro / parsley / dill or all above

1. Squashes are rich in vitamin A (in a form of beta carotene – important antioxidant, which helps to boost our immune system and fight inflammation which is very important during cold and flu season), and fiber which we always need to feel and look better.

2. Parsley is reach in vitamin C (several times the vitamin C of citrus), vitamin A (one of the highest sources), and chlorophyll which help to fight cancer, boost metabolism and immune system). Parsley is helpful for all kidney and urinary difficulties, strengthens the adrenal glands and teeth, helpful for ear infections, and deafness.

3. Cilantro is a detox herb – helps in the chelation of heavy metals such as mercury and lead.

4. Dill, as a detox herb, helps remove stagnation, protect against free radicalsand carcinogens; it is also rich in Calcium and Magnesium which help reduce stress, bone loss (especially after menopause) and promote sleep.

5. Turmeric (because of curcumin) is rich in antioxidants which fight/prevent cancer, boost immune system, reduce inflammation (helps with menstrual problems, toothache, bruises, rheumatoid arthritis); it is also natural liver detoxifier.

6. Onion is rich in vitamin C, antioxidants, chromium and vitamin B6. It reduces inflammation, prevents cancer, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol which helps reduce risk of heart attack and stroke; it also lower blood sugar and insulin levels which is beneficial for diabetics. And, of course, it fights common cold.

7. Carrot is rich in the antioxidant beta-carotene/vitamin A, which protects against cancer; it also treats ear infections, night blindness, earaches; it benefits our skin, helps reduce inflammation, helpful for digestive problems (indigestion, heartburn, excess stomach acid) and urinary infections. Carrots, rich in fiber, help with constipation. As a detox vegetable, it improves liver functions. Did you know that carrots heal the burns and stop instantly bleeding if you cut yourself in the kitchen?

8. Olive oil is one of the best vegetable oil. Did you know that it has been consumed for more than thousands years? Try always to buy, cold pressed extra virgin. It also makes a wonderful homemade facial by itself or an addition to any homemade mask.


Mash roasted butter or acorn squash. Saute onions and carrots in olive oil for 10 minutes. Mix squash with saut├ęd vegetables, add vegetable stock, salt and pepper to taste, and a dash of turmeric. Process all ingredients in a food processor. Sprinkle every serving with cilantro / parsley/ dill and add a tsp. sour cream. You can make this delicious and healthy soup for your family Thanksgiving Dinner.

Bon Appetit! Try this healthy soup and let me know if you like it.

13 Feb




Some people choose homeopathy because it is a completely different type of treatment compared to conventional medicine. Its less expensive, without any side-effects of chemotherapy, no cardiotoxicity and can be used at all ages.

It is used alongside conventional medicine. You should not have it instead of conventional cancer treatment in most cases.

Homeopaths believe that it can treat a wide range of symptoms and conditions.

Homeopathy for people with cancer is promoted as a natural way to help you:

cope with stress, anxiety and depression
control symptoms and side effects such as pain, sickness and tiredness
slow down the cancer process or the pace of disease
it can be curative in Stage 1 cancer treatment or in encapsulated tumors

It is important that you see a trained and registered homeopathic practitioner. Some medical doctors are trained homeopaths. There are hospitals in the India, Brazil and UK that offer homeopathy on the AYUSH and NHS.

On your first visit, your homeopath will ask you general questions about your health, lifestyle, diet and medical history. They will probably ask about sleep patterns, your mood and emotions.

This information helps the homeopath decide on the best remedies to pick specifically for you. These are classed as unlicensed medicines.

The consultation usually lasts about 45 to 60 minutes. Further appointments may be shorter, perhaps only 15 minutes to half an hour.

Homeopathic remedies come as tablets, granules, powders or liquid. You take them by mouth or as creams or drops. Your therapist will let you know how to take your remedies and how often.

They’ll also let you know when to go back for a check up to see if your condition has improved. If you have a long lasting (chronic) condition you may need to go back a few times to find the best remedy to help you.

To make best use of these follow up appointments, your homeopath may ask you to keep a record of any changes in your symptoms or condition.

You can buy homeopathic remedies over the counter at the chemist or in health food shops to treat minor ailments. A pharmacist might be able to advise you on those that are safe to use. Remember though, that these remedies will not be specifically tailored for you.

You can also buy homeopathic remedies over the internet. We advise that you don’t do this because there is no guarantee that you will receive the correct remedy or that it will be of good quality.

Using homeopathic medicine is generally safe. Some homeopaths warn people that their symptoms could get slightly worse before they settle down and improve. But this doesn’t happen very often. A Swiss meta analysis of homeopathy trials in 2006 found that homeopathy given appropriately by a trained homeopath was safe and had few side effects.

It is still very important to tell your cancer doctors before using any homeopathic remedy. Tell your homeopath that you are having cancer treatment too.

Your first consultation with a private homeopath will usually cost between INR 500 to INR 10,000. Further appointments usually cost less – about INR 500 to INR 5000 depending on the location of the place and experience of homeopath. It will also depend on the skill level of his staff or assistants who usually take the first case and prepare it for the main consultant.

Your remedy will usually be included in the consultation price, but do check this first. Homeopathic tablets or other products usually cost around INR 100 to INR500 if you need to buy them separately in India.

You won’t need to find a homeopath privately if your doctor refers you to one of the homeopathic hospitals. But if you are looking for private treatment, you need to make sure that you have chosen a qualified and reputable homeopath.

How many years of training have you had?
How long have you been practising?
Have you had training for treating and supporting people with cancer?
Do you have indemnity insurance? (in case of negligence)
Heres a video from BBC of a lady Homeopath in support of Homeopathy treatment for Cancer.

Homeopathic Remedies for cancer

Following is the list of some common used homeopathic remedies for cancer

Calcarea flour, Conium, Lapis albus, Hecla lava, Silicea, Phytolacca, Condurango, Baryta carb, Baryta mur, Mercurius, Carcinocin, Schirrinum, Thuja, Hydrastis, Plumbum iod, Arsenicum album, Phosphorus etc.

Details of homeopathic remedies for cancer

Calcarea fluorica. [Calc-f]
This homeopathic remedy for cancer is most useful for knots, kernels or hardened lumps in the female breast, accompanied with indurated glands of stony hardness; the enlargements may occur in the fasciae. It will prevent the development of cancer, and should be considered always in the cases where the breasts present suspicious lumps. Enchondroma.

Lapis albus. [Lap-a]
Several cases of incipient scirrhus (cancer) of the breasts, presenting retraction of the nipple, and the other characteristic symptoms have been cured with this remedy. It is of signal use in many cases of goiter. Dr. E. G. Jones recommends Lapis in malignant diseases of the uterus where the discharges are black and offensive and intense burning pains all through the diseased part.

Silicea. [Sil]
This homeopathic remedy will often abate the pains of cancer. Lupus and sarcoma with a thick yellow and offensive discharge.

Hecla lava. [Hecla]
Osteomata (Bone Cancer), not so-called ivory tumors, but those of spongy nature.

Conium. [Con]
Great hardness of the infiltrated glands, with flying stitches in them worse at night. Cancer, mammary tumors of beginning of scirrhus; chief remedy, especially useful after contusions and bruises, it corresponds particularly to glandular bruises. Here it is an absolute specific, and the writer advises the 30th potency. Dr. O. S. Haines has verified this statement. The irritability seems the characteristic. Epithelioma, enlarged testicles or uterus.

Condurango. [Cond]
This homeopathic remedy for cancer has achieved considerable reputation is cancer of the stomach and various forms of carcinoma. Many cases have improved under the Ix; open cancer and cancerous ulcers; it modifies the pain. Bernstein believes the field of this remedy to be in epithelioma, especially in open and ulcerated types. He recommends the 6x potency, and has had remarkable results from its use.

Baryta carbonica. [Bar-c]
Fatty tumors appearing here and there over the body.

Baryta iodata. [Bar-i]
Hard cancerous tumors of the breast. Ovarian tumors with a scrofulous taint.

Phytolacca has a tendency to fat formation, and may prove useful in fatty tumors as well as in hard, painful nodosities in the breast. Cancers of the breast when the tumors is hard, painful and purple. It acts as an absorbent in fibroid tumors of the uterus.

Plumbum iodatum. [Plb-i]
Inflamed indurated masses in the female breast slowly developing. The hard, unchangeable character, the slow development and the supervention of painful inflammations therein are the elements of decision.

Arsenicum. [Ars]
This homeopathic remedy corresponds to the general phenomena of the cancerous diathesis, though Bayes notes that we have other remedies which may posses more power over cancer indicated. It is said to be almost a specific for lupus, and its special indications in any form of tumor, be it cancer or not, the sharp burning and lancinating pain, the weakness and debility and the general Arsenicum symptoms known so well. In other words, the patient is to be treated, not the disease.

Bromine is sometimes useful for mammary cancer.

Iodine. Cancer of the uterus, with profuse haemorrhage.

Aggravation from warmth. Excessive hunger.

Morphine, when there is great susceptibility to pain, may be of service.

Phosphorous. [Phos]

Fungoid and bleeding growths. Fungus haematodes.

Thuja. [Thuj]
Bleeding fungi. There is on record the cure of a fungus tumor of the orbit, with this remedy and Carbo vegetabilis, in the Austrian Field Marshal Radetsky. It is also a remedy for polypoid growths in the nose and ears. The epithelial variety of cancer, and cauliflower excrescences would seem to correspond to this remedy. Dr. Helmuth also considered Thuja as a valuable remedy in sarcoma. Palpillomata also comes within its field.

Hydrastis. [Hydr]
This remedy corresponds to what Jousset terms the epithelial diathesis and is of undoubted and special value in epithelioma and uterine cancer. Our English confreres praise this remedy in simple glandular tumors of the breast; here it allays the pain retards the growth and improves the patient generally. The dyspeptic symptoms of the remedy lead to its choice. The hydrastis treatment is one of the best known in cancer.

Cicuta. Epithelioma, honey colored scabs.

Kali sulphuricum has cured cases of facial epithelioma when operation was refused.

Cuprum aceticum will allay with the distressing vomiting in carcinoma. Dr. Pope, of England thinks no scirrhus of the breast should be removed until Hydrastis has been tried.

Hydrastis corresponds to the cancer diathesis, the worn jaded look, the sallow complexion hide-bound state of the skin, low spirits, loss of appetite, constipation, as well as to the ulcerative stage. It has cured lupus, epithelioma and malignant ulcers. Tumors of the stomach and pylorus have disappeared under the continued use of Hydrastis.

Imperial clinics Mumbai

Dr. Shreepad A. Khedekar, BHMS, MD (homeopathy), a specialist for over 17 years, he has used homeopathy in his Switzerland, Belgrade and Mumbai practice for the last 17 years. He lectures in homeopathy at Switzerland, Croatia and at the Serbian Doctors Association (SLD) Teaching Centre in Belgrade and has a busy private practice in Dadar, Mumbai and at Shushrusha Citizens co-operative hospital, Mumbai and is the only Homeopath in their 60 year history.

Dr. Shreepad Khedekar is the Clinical Director, Imperial clinics Mumbai and Imperial clinics Belgrade, Consultant at Shushrusha Citizens Co-op Hospital Mumbai and Physician to several international stars and celebrities.

For More Details http://imperialclinics.com/ visit here.

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How People Survive With Oral Cancer

A lot of people suffer from different diseases and one of the most frequent ones is associated with cancer. Cancer may affect each person and any body part may be infected with it. The greatest risks of cancer are that the development of cancer cells may not be stopped at once. The only way out in the situation is to use a surgical operation to remove all of them. Besides, the growth of cancer cells may be recovered and another surgical operation may be needed.

Cancer cells may appear in different parts of your body and some people suffer from oral cancer that is usually located in the upper part of the mouth and nose. Oral cancers are typical for people that smoke or abuse using alcohol products. That is why people who smoke need to take regular examinations and tests to timely define the cancer cells and to get the proper treatment as soon as possible.

The type of cancer may be rather preventable and you will need to stop using any sort of harmful habits that may decrease your years of life. The disease is rather difficult to be identified and in most cases, doctors start treating the disease just on the stage when the disease is rather progressed and it needs a surgical operation. That is why any person should take care of their health and to take examinations at least once a year. Besides, symptoms may reveal with time and you need to pay attention to the ways of suppressing them as soon as possible.

At the same time, when the disease is developed, you may easily define the symptoms of the disease which may be associated with a feeling of sore throat and pain in your neck or ears. Besides, a lot of patients start noticing the changes in the voice. Some of the patients may consider that these are the symptoms of allergies and do not pay the needed attention. As a result, the patients lead a normal way of life and the disease gets developed at a high speed. Among the first signs of oral cancer, you may notice white spots inside your mouth but they also may be signs of different allergies.

Though the first signs of oral cancer may be rather vivid, the proper examination may be needed and this examination should be provided by an experienced oncologist. It is a high chance to find more cancer cells in other parts of your body. There are different types of examinations needed depending on the location of the cancer cells. If a doctor cannot see the cancer cell with looking into your mouth, using an endoscopy will also be needed.

If the cancer cells are identified, then the doctor will need to take samples of the cancer cells and to send them to the laboratory. In any case, the main prevention measure is to avoid smoking and drinking alcohol beverages. The treatment of oral cancer appears to be rather successful and about 70% of all patients addressed get rid of the disease.

12 Feb

What Are Estrogen?

Estrogen is female hormones consisting of estrone, estradiol and estriol. These are the female sex hormones and regulate their periods. Estrogen is found in both males and females, but the level is more in females, especially the ones who are able to reproduce. Estrogen is manufactured by the ovaries. It is also produced by corpus leuteum in the ovaries and placenta during pregnancy to regulate the safe delivery of the baby.

Why estrogen is important for woman?

Estrogen is very important for the health of women in spite of the dangers it can cause. Estrogen plays a vital role in developing the secondary sex characteristics of females. These characteristics generate the main difference between males and females.

It includes breasts, expanded pelvis and increased quantity of fat in the lower body. Estrogen is also responsible for less hair growth and smooth skin in females.

Each month this reproductive hormone regulates the menstrual cycle and prepares the uterus for pregnancy by making the walls of the endometrium thick. Estrogen also regulates metabolism, reduces muscles, increases fat deposition, triggers endometrial tissue growth, increase vaginal fluid, enlarges uterus, reduces the chances of bone breakage, increasse blood circulation and platelets, increases the quantity of high density lipid that cause heart problems, reduces low density lipids and increases cholesterol in bile.

After menopause, most women suffer with low estrogen levels. This leads to dried vagina, memory loss, hot flashes, tiredness, irritation and osteoporosis- decreased bone density.

Women who take estrogen in higher quantity are more prone to heart attacks, strokes, blood clotting, breast bumps, breast cancer and loss of memory.

Medical applications for estrogen:
Oral Contraceptives:
Estrogen in blood reduces the level of FSH and LH. To treat this, most oral contraceptives have estrogen and progestin.

Hormone Therapy:
These hormones are mostly offered to post menopause females to reduce the chances of osteoporosis. This therapy also reduces the symptoms of menopause which are fatigue, sweating, distress, urinary tract complications, cold sensations, hot flashes and dried vagina.

Breast cancer:
High amount of estrogen leads to breast cancer. To suppress breast cancer, the level of estrogen in the blood should be reduced.

Prostate cancer:
Since this hormone is also present in men and is not an alien for their body, it can be used to treat prostate cancer.

While taking estrogen treatment, whenever you feel intense vomiting, weakness, numbness, loss of sight, difficulty in remembering and learning things, dizziness, blood cough, difficulty in breathing, speech problems and lumps in the breast, immediately contact your physician.

How do I know if my hormone levels are too high or too low?

Talk to your doctor. Your doctor can do a physical examination and assess your health situation and symptoms. That will enable the doctor to determine if further laboratory tests are needed to check hormone levels. Those tests could be especially in order if you have a health condition such as PCOS or loss of menstrual period because of excess training or anorexia nervosa. If the tests show abnormal levels of hormones, your doctor can prescribe effective treatment.

11 Feb

Teeth Cleaning and Its Significance

Teeth cleaning is part of oral hygiene which involves the removal of dental plaques from the teeth with the purpose of preventing cavities, gingivitis along with other oral diseases. On a regular basis, a person will clean their teeth by brushing to get rid of food deposits.

The usual routine for teeth cleaning comprises of the following processes:

Brushing – The most common cleaning method which is used to prevent cavities and food deposits on the teeth. Frequent brushing furthermore decreases plaque formation, stinky breath and other oral problems.

Flossing – Another method of cleaning, it complements brushing and is done to stop plaque buildup in between teeth

Gargling – Gargling can also help prevent bad breath and enables a mouthful of liquid to completely clean the surfaces of the teeth.

Risk factors that damage your teeth

You can avoid the destruction of your teeth the moment you understand the risk factors and they’re as follows.

Be familiar with foods rich in sugar. There are beverages which include soft drinks and fruit juices that some may state that contain no sugar but might be listed as carbohydrates.

Teas and coffee might result in teeth discoloration and this is one of the risk factors that you may want to take note of.

Inadequate brushing – Realize that brushing is not enough, unless it’s an intimate brushing. You will find a lot of methods to brush your teeth, make sure that you use the correct way.

Long term advantages of oral hygiene and teeth cleaning

Individuals who have regular routines for cleaning either at home or at their affordable teeth cleaning dentist clinic tend to have less chances of losing their teeth, have tooth decay or oral diseases. Oral cleaning offers fluoride that’s helpful in making your teeth stronger.

Having a standard routine of teeth cleaning will save you from many oral diseases. These are some of the bullet points that your cosmetic dentistry Arizona clinic may share with you:

Prevents halitosis – This is the primary thing which everyone is attempting to prevent. Nobody wants to have terrible smelling breath.

Prevents oral cancer – This ought to be among the best reasons exactly why people set appointments with their cosmetic dentists. Oral cancer is often caught on people who do not have regular checkups and also have been actively smoking for years now.

Promotes healthy smile – Who doesn’t wish to look great and at their best when he or she smiles? Having common teeth cleaning treatments can save the person of damages which includes damaged or yellow-colored teeth.

Prevents dry mouth – Regular teeth cleaning helps prevent dry mouth that’s brought on by insufficient saliva. Substances in saliva will help counter the acid available on food and helps clean the mouth.

In conclusion

For sure, regular cleaning routines encourage good oral hygiene. It is essential to clean your teeth at least 2 times every single day. In that case having said that, brushing alone can’t eliminate all the decay-causing elements in your mouth. Still, Arizona cosmetic dentistry specialists inform everyone to plan a routine check up at least two or three times every year. With this practice you are able to promote healthy mouth, gums and teeth.

10 Feb

Mesothelioma Lung Cancer And Important Knowledge

Mesothelioma lung cancer is responsible for taking many lives over the years. It’s a rare form of lung cancer. It all starts in the mesothelium. There are quite a few names for this. It all depends on where in the body that it’s found. If it is found in the abdomen, it is referred to as peritoneum. If it’s found in the heart, it is called pericardium, and if in the lungs, it’s known as the pleura.

It is very hard to diagnose, but once it’s detected, there are quite a few treatments that are available. Keep in mind that this all depends on the stage that this disease has reached in your body. Most of the treatments that are available destroy the bad cells, which are the malignant cells, and keep the healthy ones. Surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy are the most common procedures that are done to accomplish this goal. Sometimes, all three of these procedures are done.

Before any treatment methods can be recommended, there are a few factors that will need to taken into consideration. There are six main factors that the route your treatment goes on depends on. They are the location of the disease, what type you have, the size, how much it has spread, the stages of it, your age, and your overall health status. Once all of this is complete, you’ll be on your way to treatment in no time.

There are four main stages with this system. The first stage is when the disease has spread to the lungs and can involve the left or right pleura. Lymph nodes are not in this stage. The second stage happens when the disease has spread on one side from the pleura. It may have also spread to the lymph nodes. Third, it will have taken over the chest wall. It may have also invaded the ribs and heart as well. The very last stage happens when the disease takes over everything in the body that it didn’t in the previous stages.

Surgery is one form of treatment. This can become an option for one of two reasons. The first reason is to make an attempt to cure it and the second reason is to improve the person’s quality of life as well as keep them comfortable. The option of surgery also holds a promising future. Since there are many tests that are being developed, mesothelioma will be able to be spotted during the early stages. During the procedure, a substance called talc is injected into the lungs. This is a process known as pleurodesis. Talc prevents fluid from entering the lungs.

Radiation therapy is also a form of treatment for mesothelioma. This becomes an option when your health is very fragile and frail. This also happens when your body is too weak to undergo surgery or chemotherapy. There are two kinds of radiation therapy available. They are brachytherapy and external beam radiation. Brachytherapy is barely used these days. This is when radioactive material is put directly into the lungs or abdomen.

The diagnosis of this condition is very difficult. It really doesn’t matter what stage the disease is in. It’s always hard to tell what’s what and get a clear diagnosis. This is one reason why it is diagnosed in the very late stages. If you have any suspicions, you may want to go ahead and get checked out by your doctor. Although it’s very hard to diagnose, there may be a few treatments for you and more tests that can be performed.

This is a very serious medical condition and should be treated as such. Many of the systems that come along with this disease do not start to occur until the later stages of the disease. Just to be on the safe side, have your doctor run a few tests. It never hurts to know where your health status stands.

09 Feb

Common Causes Of Hair Loss

What is the best product for thinning hair? There are many people who believe that the cause of hairloss is a disease, or is caused by a disease. However, this is simply not true. Baldness and the causes of hair loss is not usually caused by a disease or sickness, but it is usually related to a number of factors. These factors might include aging, heredity, and testosterone levels in your body. These account for most of the usual male and female pattern baldness that is found. However, there are several other factors that might be causes of hair loss, or contributing significantly towards it and it is important to consider these for hair regrowth when considering what is the best product for thinning hair.

Some causes of hair loss is hormonal changes. This might mean anything from thyroid disease to childbirth, or even using the birth control pill. A serious illness might also contribute to losing your hair (and the lack of hair regrowth) – such as a tumor of the ovary or adrenal glands, or even a fever. Some medications, like cancer chemotherapy, are causes of hair loss, but once you stop taking these medications, your hair will usually grow back.

There are other causes of hair loss that might find you and these can be as simple just shampooing your hair too often, or blow drying too often and cause lack or hair regrowth. In many cases such as these, People were prone to pattern hair loss, but as they continued to shampoo or blow dry too often, they found that they were losing more hair and that they were losing hair more quickly. Some other factors might be emotional or physical stress. This might lead to hair loss. Also, nervous habits that someone might have, including pulling on their hair, rubbing on their scalp, or other things, might cause hair loss. Burns, radiation therapy, and ringworm are also causes of hair loss. It may also be necessary to consider what is the best product for thinning hair when considering the overall topic of hair regrowth.

Most of these causes of hair loss do not cause hair loss on their own. However, a person is going to be prone to losing their hair if they experience a few of these factors, and then also have hair loss in their family history. So, when considering causes of hair loss remember that if you know your family, and you know that you are prone to pattern baldness and hair loss, be sure to take good care of your hair and don’t do anything in your life that might trigger or contribute to the loss of your hair. There might not be anything that you can do about losing your hair, but you can do things to make it less severe, or to make it wait until you are much older.

In this day and age the way we look and present ourselves to the world is of importance to how people view us and treat us and that is one reason why the causes of hair loss is an important subject and people consider what is the best product for thinning hair. It is best to consider this topic in an overall basis and consider all factors that contribute to causes of hair loss. There are many products on the market including shampoos, lotions, potions, tablets, sprays and the list can go on and on. Whatever you decide to do when dealing with your own hair regrowth issues and considering causes of hair loss pay attention to your health and exercise as well.

08 Feb

Infant Thrush in Babies: How to Recognize and Treat Thrush

Infant thrush is a common yeast overgrowth found in baby’s mouth. While generally not serious, infant thrush can make life hard for both babies and their moms. Yeast overgrowth can cause painful lesions and sores in a child’s mouth.

Most often infant thrush is recognized as a white, cheesy overgrowth on your baby’s tongue, inside the cheeks or on the gums. Babies with thrush may also be unusually fussy and irritable. Sometimes they will exhibit a low appetite and may have trouble nursing.

Thrush is more common where antibiotics have been used in child labor. Antibiotics have become extremely common due to the high level of c-sections as well as strep B prophylaxis. Antibiotics wipe out the friendly flora that help keep yeast and other harmful pathogens in check.

A simple home remedy for infant thrush is to mix a little baking soda with water and put that on the thrush overgrowth. This changes the pH to help inhibit the growth of yeast. This a temporary cure however. Also, you would never want to give your baby too much baking soda as this is not healthy. So use this remedy sparingly.

Another common home remedy for baby thrush is gentian violet. However, this remedy has been linked to an increased risk of oral cancer.

Moms who breastfeed may also experience thrush symptoms at the same time as their babies. Unfortunately, the yeast can be passed back and forth between mother and baby. So it’s important for moms to treat their yeast overgrowth at the same time. You can make a simple paste with baking soda and water and put that on your nipples after nursing. This will help to control the yeast.

For a long term and permanent cure, I’ve found the best approach is to rebuild both mother and child’s natural yeast immunity naturally. This is not only more effective than toxic anti-fungal pharmaceuticals, it’s also completely safe and doesn’t entail the dangerous and harmful side effects of prescription drugs.

Unfortunately, the prescription drugs available for thrush are also often ineffective. Many people find temporary relief only to experience the yeast coming back again. So this is another reason to favor the natural approach.

For example, the drug Nystatin carries the risk of allergic reaction, nausea — and most importantly, it can cause the yeast to mutate into a more treatment-resistant form. Diflucan (flucanozole)has the potential for very serious side effects such as vomiting, rash, liver failures and even death. Little is known about the long term effects of these drugs, especially on babies and children.

I’ve helped many people who unfortunately had already used toxic remedies such as Nystatin, Diflucan and gentian violet — only to have the thrush return. Many people who end up trying the natural approach do so only after experiencing that this is one area where western medicine unfortunately is very limited. However, many people have had experience using a natural program for even the most stubborn cases of thrush. Whether it’s infant thrush, breastfeeding thrush, newborn thrush, adult oral thrush or even vaginal thrush, I’m a strong proponent of safe and natural treatment. Not only is it safe, but it just plain works.

08 Feb

Cordyceps sinensis – Medicinal Mushroom for Stamina and Strength

From high elevations of the Tibetan plateau comes a minute fungus known as Cordyceps sinensis. It parasitizes on caterpillars and sprouts out of their dead carcasses. [1] With 95% of the world’s mushroom species still undiscovered, it’s a small wonder that a tiny fungus from a remote and sparsely populated area is not only described but revered the world over as one of the most highly prized medicinal mushrooms on the planet.

The unlikely origins of Cordyceps sinensis as a medicinal mushroom is enough to stand up and take notice.

Cordyceps extract has been valued in China for almost two thousand years as an aphrodisiac and general vitalizing tonic. The first recorded mention of Cordyceps extract appears in the Chinese work The Classic Herbal of the Divine Plowman from about 200 A.D. [2] Modern works have reaffirmed its traditional wisdom. [3]

Contemporary researchers in Asia have discovered that Cordyceps sinensis demonstrates anti-tumor and immune-enhancing qualities. [4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12]

In particular, a number of studies indicate its potential usefulness in cases of leukemia. [13, 14, 15, 16] In 2002, the U.S. National Institute of Health began Phase I screening of cordycepin in the treatment of leukemia. Cordycepin is an active compound from Cordyceps sinensis.

One clinical study on Cordyceps extract showed a 64% improvement in the sexual performance of men with sexual dysfunction. [17] The underlying reason for Cordyceps effect as an aphrodisiac may be that it appears to help increase blood-flow by dilating blood vessels. [18, 19]

Cordyceps extract also appears promising for cardio-vascular health by reducing cholesterol and acting as a general cardiotonic, [20] as well as aiding the kidneys [21] and liver (post-hepatitic cirrhosis). [22]

However, Cordyceps’ popularity is primarily based on its effect on physical empowerment by helping to increase stamina and endurance. [23, 24, 25] Part of the explanation to this may be, as mentioned earlier, that it has an effect on improving blood-flow by dilating blood vessels. Another reason may be the similar effect it has on also helping to dilate respiratory passageways, which was demonstrated by two studies on bronchitis and asthma. [3, 26]

Nine Chinese women who set world records at the 1993 Chinese National Games attributed their success to their use of Cordyceps extract. [27, 28]

Cordyceps extract is a confirmed source of anti-oxidants, [29] polysaccharides, and a large host of other newly discovered nutritional compounds, [8, 30, 31] plus certainly many others that are yet to be discovered.

In his book Mycelium Running, medicinal mushroom expert Paul Stamets also lists the following areas where research has shown Cordyceps extract to have a beneficial effect: Bacteria; viruses; blood pressure; nerve tonic (stress); lung cancer; lymphoma. [134]

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Credit: Thank you to Paul Stamets for source material.