30 Sep

Huron County General Health District

Community Health – Health Assessment

The primary purpose of a health assessment is to answer the questions, “How healthy are our residents?” and “What issues or problems compromise our community’s health?”

A health assessment is a (statistical) survey of residents designed to provide information on the health status, health problems, and health behaviors or the population. These statistics are then used to set health priorities, and select and develop programs and services for the community to address those priorities.

Huron County residents representing all cities, villages and townships, and a broad range of ages and backgrounds were surveyed. They were asked about access to healthcare, health behaviors, health problems, and health concerns.

Huron County Health Partners

A group, now called the Huron County Health Partners, joined to fund, plan and develop the assessment. The focus of Health Partners is to determine health needs and to work cooperatively to address those needs.

The Huron County Health Partners contracted with the Healthy Communities Foundation of the Hospital Council of Northwest Ohio and the University of Toledo to design, conduct, analyze and report the findings of the health assessment.

Huron County Health Partners Membership

  • Fisher Titus Medical Center
  • Huron County General Health District
  • Mercy Hospital of Willard
  • The Bellevue Hospital
  • Fund for Huron County
  • Village of Plymouth
  • Village of New London
  • City of Bellevue
    Erie-Huron CAC


2007 Huron County Health Assessment Results Presentation (PowerPoint file)
2007 Huron County Health Assessment Comparison Presentation (PowerPoint file)


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