30 Oct

» four of a kind

A few months ago, I was dealt pocket Queens on the button, so I bet three times the big blind to scare out the weaker hands. I got three callers-both of the players in the big and small blind positions, and when the flop came out Queen-Queen-6, it was all I could do to keep my eyes from falling out of my head. It must have been apparent, because when I pushed my chips all in, the other three poker players got out of the hand like swimmers who’d seen a shark fin. Don’t get me wrong-winning the hand was nice, but there’s a bit of an empty feeling when quads don’t pay off in a big way.

Especially when I could have let my online poker opponents fatten the pot for me. The two Queens on the board were scare cards-obviously, none of my opponents had a queen, so I should have figured the they missed their hand. If I had though about anything besides the four Queens in front of me, I would have tried to encourage my online poker opponents to do all the betting for me. When you flop a monster like four-of-a-kind, slow play the heck out of it, particularly if it’s a high set of quads.

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