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Faq – lucky libations


How are singles socials different then speed dating?


Our events allow you to mingle in small groups, resulting in more chat, less pressure and much less of a chance for the awkward silence that can happen with one-on-one dating.  The tasting element, together with our Lucky Libation quiz gives guests plenty to talk about and get involved with on the night, so there’s not much chance of feeling bored or stuck for words.



What is the event format?


We feel that the most sociable and fun format for our guests to meet, mingle and taste wine is in groups of six rather than one-on-one.  This allows guests to meet more people on the night, enjoy a more sociable and fun evening in a relaxed atmosphere.


Our guests are grouped in tables of six and move through the tasting in 10 minute rounds.  With each round, each group tastes one type of libation; guests then converse and guess at the corresponding round of the quiz and mingle at bit before moving to the next round.  The men do the moving round and bring the libations to the table. With 6 of each to taste, guests meet up to 18 guests of the opposite sex during the tasting part of the event.



What happens when I arrive and how long does the event last?


We ask for guests to arrive around 7:00pm and may mingle at the bar until all guests have arrived.

On arrival, guests sign in with our host, who will give you your dating card and wine quiz.

Due to the format of the evening, it is important that all guests have arrived before we start the event which we try to get underway by 7:15pm or so.  The wine tasting session usually finishes around 8:45pm and guests free to continue mingling for as long as the venue is open.  Most venue offer special pricing for our guests.



What happens next?


Once everyone has arrived, our host will go through how the tasting works.  The ladies then take their seats.

The guys collect the first round of libations, one for themselves and one for a lady at their table.

Each tasting round lasts around 10 minutes, enough time to meet your group, chat, taste, try the quiz and most importantly have fun.  The guys then return to collect another round of libations and move to the next group.



How many people do I meet?


Our singles socials usually attract 30 to 36 guests.  This means you will typically meet 15 to 18 people of the opposite sex at an event.



What is the male to female ratio?


We book our events with a 50/50 ratio of men to women, but unfortunately we cannot guard unforeseen circumstances and no shows.



How many different libations do I taste?


Guests taste a total of 6.



What if I like someone at the event?


Guests are given dating cards for the evening, where they jot down the names of people they would like to keep in touch with.  Guests then hand back their cards at the end of the evening to the host.  After the event, all guests receive an email with the info for the people that asked for their details to be passed onto them.



How will I know if I get any matches?


We email guests within 48 hours of the event with the details of the people who liked you.  You may also connect with guests through our secret Facebook group.  In addition we send out a list of the libations you tasted and where you may buy them.



How much do your events cost?


Typically events cost around the $38.00 which includes tasting, dating event, follow-up, access to our online group where you can connect with other guests and at some venues an entry fee.  As a comparison, most other dating events charge around $30.00 without drinks.  We believe our prices are a great deal for what is included!



Why do I need to register in advance?


Our events require an equal balance of men and women, and we only have a certain number of spaces available for each.  Advance registration ensures we maintain as much of an equal ration as possible.



What if I don’t want to pay online?


We use PayPal, a secure payment gateway used around the world to process most credit or debit cards.  However, if you are not comfortable paying online or do not have access to the internet, please call the corporate office and we’ll be happy to register your spot over the phone.  We accept all credit and debit cards and there is no extra fee to register by phone.



Why are so many events sold out for women but not men?


Cue the men are from mars, women are from venus story! Ladies tend to organize their social lives well in advance.  This isn’t the same for men. Between 30-50% of our male guests register 10 to 5 hours before an event!



What happens if I can’t make an event once I have registered?


Our events are heavily dependent on the male to female ratio being as equal as possible.  We do not offer transfers or refunds.  We are however, happy to have a replacement guest attend.  Please email us within 24 hours of the event with the full name and email address of your replacement guest. [email protected]



What should I wear?


Dress however makes you feel comfortable, but remember first impressions count, so the saying dress to impress definitely applies!  It’s always a good idea to browse the website of the venue hosting our event to get a feel for the atmosphere.



What types of people attend your singles socials?


People like you! Sociable single professionals who enjoy a good drink, like meeting new people and having a fun night out.  To see some pictures of the people who have been to our events, please see our photos page.



Do many guest attend the event alone?


Tons! The whole idea is to meet new people and the format of the evening ensures this.

So it doesn’t matter if you come alone or in a group, you will still meet the same number of people!



I am outside the specified age group, can I still attend?


We have age limits at all our events to ensure that guests meet singles within their range of interest.  We do not enforce age checks, but we hope that guests respect our age brackets, and also respect other guests who are expecting to meet people in the specified age range.



There aren’t any events in my area. What can I do?


We are expanding our events and are happy to branch out to an area that has a demand!

If you are in an area that we currently do not cover, please email us and let us know you are interested.

[email protected]


In addition, if you are a pro-active single and would like to host an event, please visit our partner hosts page.



Can my company use Lucky Libations to facilitate an event?


Yes! Please email us to discuss the various opportunities available. [email protected]



Would you consider using my venue for your events?


Yes! We are always in search of unique venues for our events.

Please visit our venues page to see our current venues and to get more details on the requirements.



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