22 Jan

Does Colon Cleansing Overcome Serious Illness?

Colon cancer is expanding at an alarming rate, with a mortality rate that is alarmingly close to 50%. The toxicity of fecal matter that remains within the intestine is believed by some to be linked to this increase.

Health experts say that colon cleansing has no effect on colon health. They claim that it will certainly not prevent disease, and it may in fact be harmful. Many people, however, are turning to this method as a means for maintaining good health.

Colon cancer and other colon diseases can have a devastating effect on the sufferers’ health. At the more severe end of the spectrum, people are sometimes required to have a colostomy, or surgical removal of part of the intestine. This can have a huge impact on your life and health.

When a significant amount of the small intestine is removed, it results in a colostomy bag, where fecal matter is no longer excreted through traditional methods, and is, instead, detoured into a bag that must be emptied on a regular basis.

To avoid this unwanted and life-changing procedure, many people are trying to prevent colon illness by turning to colonic irrigation. While you cannot always prevent illness, it may be possible to maintain optimum colon health with this method, as well as healthy eating habits.

High fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils are just two examples of the synthetic foods that bombard our colons on a regular basis.

Again, while it is possible to eat all natural foods and still develop colon cancer, it is thought that foods laden with preservatives and chemicals greatly heighten the risk.

This constant abuse to your digestive system can impact its ability to absorb nutrients, and can result in chronic constipation.

This condition goes widely unnoticed by most of its sufferers, as bowel moments are made, but are reduced in size. This is due to the walls of the intestine being coated with hardened matter.

It is possible to become malnourished and not even know it. Many people find eating a good diet consisting of natural foods helps. It is effective in maintaining good health in general, and it also puts far less strain and stress on the colon and digestive system because the body is made to process natural foods.

Diet is certainly necessary to prevent and alleviate colon illnesses. If built-up fecal matter is already present in the intestine, however, other measures are needed to remedy the situation. Since between five and twenty pounds of fecal matter may remain in your colon, it is necessary to pursue these other options.

Such high amounts can leave you feeling generally unwell. Colonic irrigation through means of a laxative or hydrotherapy cleanses the bowels entirely, giving your colon a fresh start at absorbing the nutrients it has been missing.

Not only will this improve your overall health, but many people report weight loss from multiple cleansings.

How do you know you have an issue with your colon? You may notice different signs, which may include diarrhea, insomnia, gas, fatigue, constipation, prostate problems, headaches, backaches, and weight retention. Many of these go unnoticed because you may not immediately link them with colon health, and they may be very mild.

These are just a few of the symptoms of that may suggest that your colon is not as healthy as it could be.

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