25 Jan

Skin Cancer Facts that Might Save Your Life or the Life of Someone You Love

The first step to protecting yourself in the fight against skin cancer is understanding skin cancer facts. By arming yourself with knowledge, you have got a a heap of larger chance of never developing this condition, and if you do, being able to overcome it. Here are some facts about skin cancer that you may not know:

Over a million people within the United States are diagnosed with skin cancer each year.

Each year, a lot of cases of skin cancer are diagnosed than breast, colon, lung and prostate cancers combined.

One in five Americans will get skin cancer at some point in their lives.

Basal cell carcinomas are the foremost customary of skin cancers. They are not life threatening, but they’ll cause disfigurement if surgery is required to remove them. About 1,000,000 cases are diagnosed in the U.S. every year.

Squamous cell carcinomas are the second most typical cancers diagnosed each year. Over 250,000 new cases are documented each year within the United States. This ends up in concerning 2,500 deaths every year.

The speed of recent melanoma cases is rising while alternative sorts of skin cancer rates are falling.

Over sixty eight,000 new cases of melanoma are diagnosed every year with over eight,000 deaths resulting.

Survival from melanoma has increased from 49% to ninety two% within the last 50 years.

Approximately sixty five% of melanoma cases are attributed to UV sunlight.

ninety nine% of melanomas will be cured if they’re in the first stages and have no gone into the epidermis.

One in fifty five people can find out they need melanoma during their lifetime.

Being blistered as a child or adolescent (sunburn) just only once more than doubles a person’s probabilities of getting melanoma later in their life.

Most people who are diagnosed with melanoma are white men over age 50.

Melanoma is unusual in Asians, African Americans and Latinos, but after they do present with disease it’s usually too so much advanced at that time.

If you’ve got a mole which has modified colours, symmetry or has began to bleed or ooze liquid, you wish to get it checked straight away by a dermatologist.

You must wear makeup that blocks each UV-A and UV-B rays.

Sunscreen ought to be worn daily even throughout the winter months. Use an SPF of a minimum of 15.

You ought to avoid obtaining a sunburn at all costs. Staying out of direct daylight between 10am and 4pm is important.

Don’t use tanning booths!

You must examine your skin at least once each month.

Knowing these facts about skin cancer is important as a result of it arms you with the information that can literally save your life. By taking notice of any changes on your skin, you will be in a position to stop the progression of any of the deadlier varieties of skin cancer. Make sure to heed these warnings and follow the following tips to guard yourself as well as your family members.

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