28 Jan

Therapy and Infusions by Using DMSO

Understanding DMSO

A Russian scientist named A. Saytzeff introduced DMSO in 1866. Individuals in the medical world know this as dimethyl sulfoxide. While it wasn’t much of a discovery then, today it is being used to fight various diseases and conditions.

The first thing to understand about DMSO is that it binds itself to free radicals. When this happens they become neutralized. In today’s world we know that these radicals cause numerous diseases and can actually speed up the aging process in the blink of an eye. What it comes down to is that DMSO tries to destroy free radicals which help the diseases take shape.

This has been going on for over 40 years thanks to Dr. Revici. When all else failed, patients would visit Dr. Revici in hopes of looking for an alternative method. It didn’t matter if they were suffering from allergies or was experiencing poor circulation throughout the body, because DMSO could help. This went on until 1998 when he died, but not before teaching his grand nephew everything he knew. Since then, Dr. Kramer has been treating patients all over the world.

How DMSO Works to Improve Certain Health Issues

Since DMSO does neutralize the free radicals in the body, it can help improves many health issues. As we have said these free radicals do cause health issues to occur such as cancer, problems with kidneys and the liver, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, autoimmune diseases, Alzheimer’s and different types of inflammatory type diseases.

What it comes down to is that DMSO increases your blood circulation. When your blood is flowing properly, it can reduce swelling and relieve pain from various problems throughout the body. In fact, we’ve seen many carpal tunnel sufferers ask about DMSO.

The process is one of the most intriguing things you will learn about DMSO. The way it works is DMSO will mix into the water each cell holds. When this happens, the majority of the toxins will be flushed out and allow your body to heal at a faster rate.

With therapy using DMSO the immune system is increased and this speeds up healing for even bacterial and viral type diseases. DMSO also helps to speed up the body’s natural production of antioxidant which can dramatically slow down aging in the body.

Over the years, doctors have infused DMSO into their traditional treatments in order to get better results when working against a disease, condition, or ailment.

Mixed with other substances DMSO can even be used successfully in the fight against cancer. It attacks the cancer cells and kills them effectively. DMSO is not used alone for this attack on cancer cells, it is usually mixed with vitamin C or cesium chloride for this purpose.


In the end if you are suffering from anything that doctor’s haven’t been able to heal, you should look into DMSO. Even if it means asking your family physician about it and getting all the material needed to make a strong case for yourself. There are millions of people who use alternative medicine to combat diseases effectively. Why wouldn’t you want to be apart of it?

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