29 Jan

Importance Of A Childhood Cancer Foundation

Children are very innocent and at this age, a person is at the stage where he is most carefree. However, it is a sad reality that there are some of them who cannot enjoy this stage of their lives because they are inflicted with terrible illnesses. For kids who have tumors and malignant cysts, there are some childhood cancer foundations that aim to help them.

Awareness regarding this matter is very important so you can understand it. When a child is diagnosed to have this sickness, it is devastating not only for him but to his family as well. Cells in the body, when one has this condition, grow rapidly and it can affect the general health condition of the sick child and affect his organ functions.

There are childhood cancer facts that should be made known to as many people as possible. There are 14 children in every 100, 000 in the U. S. Alone that is inflicted with this illness. They are usually affected by leukemia, lymphoma, and those that are in the bones and the brain.

The factors that can lead to this are different for children and adults. Usually, there are some genetic conditions that can cause this in kids. As the cancerous cells grow fast, it can spread to different tissues and organs and lead to weakening the body’s natural defenses against illnesses and to lower strength.

Experts are yet to discover measures to prevent this from occurring. No cure is available yet for someone to have and remove it completely. However, there are some treatments and surgical procedures that can be performed so that the growth of the cells can be slowed down.

This sickness can affect anyone from different socioeconomic classes or any ethnicity. The possible causes of such a condition still remains to be a mystery and this is not possible to detect at an early stage. Sadly, there are 2, 300 deaths each year that is related to this condition among kids and teenagers.

This is a very difficult experience for any person, most especially with a child. Because of this, people should spread childhood cancer awareness to let others know about it and be an advocate. Those who are willing to help and donate in foundations can help a lot since the treatments for such a disease is costly.

A childhood cancer foundation aims to spread awareness to different people. They also aim to help sick children and their respective families to deal with it. Along with the support for the treatments, these foundations also hope to find the cure for this illness through the different researches that they fund.

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