30 Jan

Ovarian Cysts – Symptoms, Possible Causes And What You Can Do For Prevention

An ovarian cyst is a small sack that forms on one of the ovaries that is filled with fluid. This sack filled with fluid can then cause pressure on the left or right hand sides of the lower abdomen. The ovaries are the part of the female reproductive organs that release an egg once a month.

If the cysts get too big they can eventually burst which will cause pain. For some women this is the first they know they that they had the cyst in the foirst place as they can have no symptoms at all.

Cysts of the ovaries are on the rise for women aged between 14 and 55. Below we’ll look at the symptoms, causes and what you can do to help prevent more problems in the future…

Symptoms of ovarian cysts

Pain in the lower abdomen that can come and go. Some women experience more pain after sexual intercourse.
If the cysts are large then they can put pressure on the bowel or bladder and cause you to visit the bathroom more often.
On occasions they can produce too many hormones. This can effect the frequency of periods, and cause an abnormal amount of body hair to grow.
Your periods can become irregular, and be heavier or lighter in nature.
On rare occasions a cyst can be an early form of ovarian cancer.

Causes of ovarian cysts

Increased consumption of hormone-infused foods such as most commercial meat and milk, to which growth hormone has been added.
Increased use of birth control pills, especially depo provera.
Imbalanced, not natural diet.
Stressful, frantic lifestyle.
A toxic, overburdened liver.

If you suffer from ovarian cysts regularly you can make lifestyle changes that can help prevent them in the future…

Eat healthy,, organic meats and drink organic milks.
Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables
Drink plenty of water.
Use a natural progesterone hormone cream.
Increase your liver metabolism and aid it in the detoxifying process . You can do this with tinctures that contain olive leaf, dandelion, milk thistle seed, and artichoke.
Have your thyroid checked by your doctor.
Quit smoking, it’s not in anyway good for you.
If you’re overweight it will help if you lose some.

A healthy lifestyle will not only help to prevent any more problems, but your whole life will change for the better. You’ll feel better, have more energy and you’ll enjoy your life more. No one needs to suffer from ovarian cysts especially if they are brought on by an unhealthy lifestyle.

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