04 Feb

Which Penny Stocks to Watch For?

There are many penny stocks to watch for. However, there are a few which are definitely more profitable than other. Here are a few tips…

The first company with penny stocks to watch is the Tootie Pie Company, Inc. This is a firm whose business strategies are similar to those that were operated by Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream which was converted into a mammoth industry and which Unilever ultimately bought for $ 326 million. When the sales volumes of the two companies are compared for the first five operational years, they are found to be almost identical.

The record revenues that were recently recorded by Tootie Pie for the period of three months that ended in December 31st 2010 amounted to $ 1,061,215. This is a 17% increase in revenue generated by the same company during the previous year. Apart from being debt free, the company has cash in hand equivalent to one million dollars. It also has very strong fiscal backing through an equity group that is strongly established. With such an outstanding, reputable and sound profile, this is a company that is safe to invest in as far as penny stocks are concerned.

Secondly, we have Guided Therapeutics, Inc. The company is developing a testing platform that is rapid and yet painless in detecting disease in its early stages. The organization has a machine that can be used to detect a disease at its cellular level. This is done using its patented biophotonic technology that uses light to carry out this wonderful procedure. LightTouchTM is the Company’s first product. This product is not only non-invasive, but is able to instantly detect cervical disease at the point of care.

Light Touch has been able to detect cervical cancer up to a period of two years earlier than traditional methods. This was verified in a multi-center clinical trial on several women with a risk of cervical disease. Light Touch is meant to accord a result that is objective at the point of care, thus leading to an improvement in managing cervical disease. Moreover, Guided Therapeutics has partnered with Konica Minolta Opto to utilize Light Touch technology and come up with a non-invasive test for Barrett’s Esophagus.

Thirdly, there is Envision Solar. This company is a leading planner, inventor and builder of solar solutions, and skillfully plans energy systems suitable for use all over the world. The firm ensures that companies are provided with solutions that are strategic and long term. The company also utilizes planning and architectural knowhow to come up with projects and products that produce solar energy.

The invention and building of structures for solar energy that utilize large, spacious, unused parking spaces was first done by this company. Public, commercial and residential premises all use the company’s innovative systems. Examples of products include Life Pod, Solar Row, Life Village and Life Port, to name but a few. This is a company whose stocks are worth watching.

Last, but not least, is Adamis Pharmaceuticals Corporation. It made an announcement, saying that apart from its prostate cancer activity, its product, APC-300, greatly inhibits pancreatic cancer cells from growing. Research has shown that the drug is effective in this and has greatly enhanced the reputation of this company.

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