06 Feb

Stage 4 Breast Cancer and the Methods for Early Detection

One of the most feared diseases of this century are malignancies and cancers. There are many cancer categories but breast cancer is one of those taking the lead. It is scary to look at the statistics of breast cancer incidence among men and women today. Just like any type of cancer, all the treatment regimens in the world no matter how strong and expensive could cure cancer especially at the late stages.

Stage 4 breast cancer happens when the offending cancer cells have spread to other parts of the body that they would not be normally found. A cancer discovered at this stage already will not have a good prognosis. Breast cancer must be prevented as early as possible so that the prognosis will be better. If detected early on, breast cancer and any other type of cancer for that matter has a very high percent of cure rate.

This gives us the responsibility to learn about the ways to detect breast cancer as early as possible.

Breast Self Exam – This is one of the most effective way to detect and prevent breast cancer. It is easy to do and does not take too much time. You can do it while taking a shower or before you go to sleep. The breast self examination or BSE is a simple but effective way to detect breast cancer before it progress. You will even find it amusing that many women discover that they have breast cancer only after a partner has felt a lump. It is always a good practice to make regular self checks to ensure that you do not have the early symptoms of cancer of the breast and do not wait until you reach stage 4 breast cancer before doing anything.

Breast exam by health personnel – In a regular check up, your health care provider could also perform the breast examination with your consent. This could be a good way to detect cancer even before it progress and wreak havoc on the body.

The mammogram test – This test recommended especially for women 50 and up is a good way to avoid cancer from going to stage 4 breast cancer. It is very helpful in trying to prevent many cancers from starting. Women are the majority of breast cancer sufferers in spite of the fact that it can happen to men too. The reason is that women especially during menopause have decreased estrogen which protects women against cancers.

Surely, you should not wait for a stage 4 breast cancer before doing steps to avoid this disease.

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